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Auto Body Bench Rack: A High Breed Machine for Quick Loading of Vehicles

An Auto body bench rack is a high breed machine that allows for a quick or fast loading of a vehicle. It loads just like a rack. It also has other features like those of a bench. Exactly how does an auto body bench rack work? The table tilts like a rack. This is just to allow for quick loading of a vehicle. The bench rack also provides the convenience and accuracy usually associated with a bench the moment the vehicle is loaded on the machine.

This heavy metal equipment is used to return a vehicle’s structural geometry to its original or factory specifications. This is achieved by securing a part of the vehicle to the platform and thereafter pulling the appropriate parts of the vehicle into place by using accessories such as special clamps, hydraulic winches and chains.

As vehicle manufacturers are using advanced forms of technology to design and create more modern looking vehicles, so also are auto machinery manufacturers coming up with the machinery to keep those vehicles in top shape. A good number of them compete among themselves to provide the collision repair industry with highly advanced and improved machinery and tools needed to restore vehicles to their factory status. One of such machinery is the body bench rack.

At, we have a wide range of body bench racks that you can choose from. Our store collection is made up of equipment from the best automotive machinery manufacturers in the industry. Want one of them? Then visit our website for more information. Or call us on our line. We will be more than ready to attend to your needs.

Autobodyshop Frame Machine: Powerful & Affordable

A frame machine is a bulky piece of machinery, that is found in auto repair shops. Used for collision repair, this machinery is used to realign and straighten a vehicle frame that has been damaged either through a collision or by excessive rust.

Frame machines are available in various sizes ranging from 15 feet to 24 feet. Sometimes though, a machine can be manufactured to suit certain user specifications.

Apart from coming in various sizes, frame machines are also available in quite a number of distinct designs. This is to ensure that they are able to accommodate the uni-body frame and body-over frame that vehicles are manufactured in.

In case you are wondering, a uni body frame is that in which both frame and body are designed as an integral piece. While a body over frame is one in which the vehicle component is separate from the body.

They are also the most flexible machine types, suited to working on Complicated parts that need to be blasted in certain areas around the part. Example of such areas include the motor frame, the complete axles, the rear frame,the car body components and Tubes for axles.

In need of a powerful and affordable frame machine? Then look no further than

Over at, we have a variety of frame machines that you can choose from. They include the American Freedom GT Maxx automative frame machine, the Signature Hybrid frame machine, American Freedom tilt automotive frame machine, among others. We also have Auto body frame machines from the Star A liner Cheetah Line.

Our machines are very fast, very efficient and very easy to operate. They are also the best accessories and equipment that you can find anywhere in the business.

Thinking to get a frame machine that is both powerful and easy to use, then think

Give us a call today. We are available round the clock to attend to your needs.

Finding Quality Inexpensive Frame Machine

Operating a professional autobody repair shop, requires having the right tools–and the right equipment. There are many types of essential equipment for an autobody repair shop, which can lead to a rather hefty price tag over time. Thankfully, it is possible to find relatively inexpensive autobody repair shop equipment, as long as you know how to spot quality machines available at lower prices.

A frame machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in an autobody shop. It’s very important that a frame machine be high quality above all, because it is used so often and for many types of repairs. If you are looking for an inexpensive but still high-quality frame machine, consider the following guide to help you find a frame straightening machine at a great price.

Look for machines made in the United States

For the best quality, you should always look for a frame straightening machine that was manufactured in the United States and Autobodyshop is the one stop shop who manufacture and sell high-quality American Made frame straightening equipment at low prices. It’s something of a misconception that you need to look for machines and other equipment made outside the U.S. in order to get great prices–there are many different American-made frame equipment models that are very reasonably priced while still providing top-notch quality. And, of course, you’ll be supporting American jobs when you buy American-made equipment.

Consider going for a simpler model

Unless you need a very specific model for your repair shop, you can often save a significant amount of money by choosing an equipment model that is on the simpler side. These simpler models get the job done but without certain bells or whistles that come on newer and more technologically complex models. If you aren’t sure whether or not a simpler and less expensive model is going to meet your needs, you should consult with the equipment supplier before purchasing.

Essential Auto Body Equipment

Are you in need of auto body equipment? If you’re looking for auto body equipment, you need to find a professional, well-stocked auto body shop that offers all of the essentials that you’ll need for home or business auto body work. There are certain pieces of equipment and certain tools that you will need for almost all types of auto body work, regardless of the type of repair or renovation you’ll be doing. The following are some of the most essential equipment you’ll find at a proper auto body shop.

Auto Body Frame Machine

An auto body frame machine needs to be sturdy, reliable, powerful and as much versatility as possible. There are different styles and brands of frame machines, as well as frame racks, on offer; if you are unsure about which one you should purchase, you should consult with a shop about which machine is best for your needs.

Tool Packages

There are many common tools that you’ll need when doing auto body work and repair. Instead of buying each essential tool individually, you should consider buying a comprehensive tool package which includes the tools you’ll need for most types of auto body work. Tool packages not only save you the hassle of having to purchase items individually, you actually save money in the long run when buying them together as a package instead of on their own. The tools commonly included in packages are double eye chain hooks, quick hooks, panel pullers, deep hooks, flat nose metal hooks in various sizes, cable slings, unibody clamps and more.

Miscellaneous Tools

There are other essential tools that you’ll require for most types of auto body work which aren’t usually included as part of typical tool packages offered by most body shops. These other tools include anchors, dollies, remote controlled winches, as well as push posts and wheel chocks.

Anchoring Tools

You will need anchoring tools when working with a frame rack or machine. The most common anchoring tools include a universal style pinchweld, full frame holding vise, frame stands, as well as clamps and vises which are designed specifically for certain car models. For instance, there are anchoring clamps for Honda, Mercedes, BMW and other models.

Paint Booths

If you will be working with paint, you should consider purchasing a paint booth. Paint booths allow you to do full body paint and other types of paint work in a professional-style environment that gives you professional level results.

Wide Range of Collision Repair Frame Racks Available Online At Competitive Prices

Auto body and collision repair shops need the best quality, hardest working frame racks to grow their business and keep it running smoothly. Whether to replace an aging or broken rack, or to outfit a brand-new shop, offers a wide range of rugged and durable frame racks designed for quality and functionality. With everything that any repair shop needs to examine, inspect and repair vehicles efficiently and safely, the experts at the company consult with every customer to help them choose the best frame rack to meet their needs now and as their business expands.

With a variety of frame racks in different styles and configurations available, selecting the best rack requires the proper balance of several factors including available space in the shop, the type of vehicles to be serviced, any special or unique needs, and of course the cost of the rack. This industry leading company has the right frame machine for any collision repair shop to optimize these needs and more. Customers can choose frame racks from one of the shop’s top quality, American made lines including:

  • American Freedom GT MAXX automotive frame rack
  • American Freedom tilt automotive frame machine
  • Signature Hybrid frame rack
  • Signature American Freedom GT automotive frame machine
  • American Freedom GT-Tilt automotive frame rack
  • Signature American Freedom frame machine Xpress Rack
  • Signature American Freedom mobile cart

  • A supplier of industry leading frame racks and machines since 1983, is every collision repair shop’s one stop source for all shop equipment, especially the all-important frame racks. The innovative supplier’s frame machines are designed to optimize the efficiency and safety of repairing and restoring any vehicle to its manufacturer’s specifications.

    Proudly serving customers for almost thirty-five years, is committed to providing only high-quality American made frame racks, frame straightening equipment and collision repair tools and parts at competitive prices.

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